Bunker Walls

Temporary Storage Walls

LeMar Industries started building temporary storage walls in 1982 and has built thousands of rectangular and oval bunker systems. See the difference.

Steel Walls

 4', 6' and 8'
Galvanized Steel Walls

Our wall frames are hot dip galvanized after fabrication. The walls are partly pre-assembled in 8' sections. Each is securely anchored so no additional cabling is required.


The patented, hooded louvered openings (instead of perforations) are specifically designed to prevent blockage by grain kernels, dust and dirt in the walls and aeration plates on the tower. The unloading problems with ground tubes are eliminated.

10' Galvanized Steel Wall

We started with the 10' wall in 1982, and the original wall is still up today. This wall is shipped completely knocked down and must be assembled on site. Because of the extreme pressure on this height of wall and the possibility of sliding out and overturning, we require that it only be bolted to a concrete base.

Covering Wood and Steel Systems

Our standard covers are woven polyethylene reinforced with a thickness of 12/14 mils. Custom covers are available to meet individual needs and requirements. Additional woven polyethylene thickness, polyethylene string and vinyl covers are also available upon request. The covering is fastened to the top of the wall by nailing strips permanently attached to the top of the frame. Our negative air aeration system holds the cover tight onto the pile.

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