Center Air Towers

LeMar knows two of the most important things to consider in additional grain storage that won't necessarily be part of the working house are: a storage facility that will maintain grain quality to protect against losses and a good rate of return on investment. Discover the LeMar answer: unsurpassed quality and quick ROI.

Aeration is the Key to Quality Control

AerationSince aeration made its debut in the 1950s, it has been the single greatest  tool for keeping grain safe in storage. No more costly turning to remove hot spots. LeMar's Temporary Commercial Grain Storage facility was designed around the new Center Tower Full Round Aeration system. The effectiveness of the Full Round System, of getting air to flow through the entire grain mass, is similar to full floor aeration in upright tanks. The perimeter walls allow outside air to enter evenly. The patented, hooded louvered openings (instead of perforations) are specifically designed to prevent blockage by grain kernels, dust and dirt in the walls and aeration plates on the tower. The unloading problems with ground tubes are eliminated.

Fast and Easy Cover Deployment

LeMar has come up with a fast and easy solution to attaching the bunker cover to the lift ring. Instead of using a double plate attachment system to attach the cover to the lift ring we use snap hooks that are sewn into cover at equal spacing. We then have a flashing that attaches to the upper part of the lift ring along with our tower skirts, giving you a fully enclosed tower that is weather resistant. instead of taking a 1/2 day to attach your cover to the lift ring, it can easily be installed and ready for deployment in less than 1 hour.

Quick Return on Investment

LeMar's Temporary Commercial Grain Storage System, including the base construction, means warehousing can offer a short-term payout. With uncertainty as to what government programs or market carry will offer in the future, this initial investment in temporary grain storage is a distinct advantage to your bottom line now and for years to come.

Components Are Engineered for Ease in ErectionDSCN4738

The aeration tower, conveyor with truss and the distributor have been designed and factory welded to be hoisted into place at the job site and quickly bolted together and then hoisted.

The all-steel aeration wall is 30 degrees tipped back to prevent infiltration of rain and snow or ice that could block air entry. The wall height of 48 to 120 inches vertical height allows plenty of surface area for balanced air flow yet low enough to facilitate handling the tarp tie down.

Computer Assisted Design Optimized for Your Facility


Our computer assisted design and estimation enables us to optimize performance and minimize per bushel storage costs on your particular storage requirements. With the variety of system components and aid of the computer, we can quickly and accurately detail the most efficient and cost-effective system for your needs.

Systems now in use range in capacity from 250,000 to 2 million bushels. Smaller and larger systems are available.

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