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Towers & Catwalks

Windsor CO 36 smFor unbeatable quality and attention to detail, LeMar Industries delivers an industry-leading line of standard and custom fabricated towers and catwalks. Experience the durability, quality and easy assembly only LeMar provides.

Choose from three styles of catwalks, including our robust standard line plus options custom fabricated to meet your job-specific requirements.

LeMar’s robust bucket elevators and catwalk support towers feature fabrication and precision detail second to none.

That includes bucket elevator support towers over 220’, as big as 24’x40’ or simple workhouse towers, in a range of standard sizes in any combination or configuration, customized to your needs.

Catwalk support towers include free-standing four-legged, two-legged braced and smaller guyed options in a range of standard sizes in any combination or configuration, plus any custom product, small or large, designed to your unique requirements.

Our revolutionary new patent-pending slot & tab system provides unmatched consistency for easy
assembly, superior precision for quality product and exceptional connection strength. FEA engineering optimizes the connection.

Our experienced in-house design team uses precision engineering and details to build quality towers & catwalks to your specific needs, and add the optimal options that fit your operation. We build potential; you reap the rewards.

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