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Call That Pile … Gone!

Lower your costs and free up your time by having LeMar Industries do the grain pile pick-up for you. Choose our Grain Reclaim Service for faster pick-up than you’ve ever seen it. Then, call that pile gone!

Our Grain Reclaim Service frees up your time, removes equipment costs and is one of the fastest loaders in the industry! An amazing 20,000 to 30,000 bushels per hour.

We can:

  • Load a standard semi-trailer every two minutes.
  • Maneuver around outside grain piles with ease using an all-hydraulic, four-wheel drive machine with four-wheel active steering.
  • Get your grain picked up quickly and safely without committing resources, energy and time.

Choose LeMar’s custom grain pile pickup and specify what you need for your individual operation. We deliver reliable, durable, high-capacity equipment designed to maximize productivity and efficiency.

This service from LeMar Industries is ready to go to work for you and can travel nationwide. But, appointments fill up quickly. Don’t wait until it is too late to schedule a loader that can move grain at an impressive 20,000 to 30,000 bushels per hour!

We supply:

  • Operators that are skilled, dedicated and make sure your grain is moved quickly and safely.
  • The ability to load a standard semi-trailer in two minutes.

You are responsible to provide:

  • A sufficient number of trucks to operate continuously 10-12 hours daily.
  • Diesel fuel for the grain pick-up machine (100 gallons every 12 hours).
  • The shipping cost of the grain pick-up machine. One way!

Contact us with your ideas, or ask our experts to customize a solution for your business.

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